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‘Week 2- The Abuja Weekend’

It’s Sunday morning and Ronke’s head feels like it’s been stuffed with paper, not the beautiful coloured ones, rather the typical white A4 paper. She staggered as she got up from the bed, she tried to find her dunlop slippers intuitively without looking but she couldn’t, that moment she became fully awake. She realized she wasn’t home, then she assumed she must be at David’s place.


I dragged my feet as I headed straight to the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror with my head in the clouds and my eyes in the moon with various half moons beneath each. I look like shit! With a swollen face that could suggest I might have been in a fight with Mayweather, yet no bruises or discoloration. What happened yesterday?

‘David, David!!’ I called out but there was no response.

On Friday, I packed it all in my beautiful pink mini suitcase and I drove to Jabi lake as I threw the pink suitcase carrying my romantic heart into the lake. That was the end, I finally gave up on love.

‘Your phone is ringing.’ The Bolt driver said as he lured me out of deep thought. I answered without checking the caller’s ID.

‘Hello Sweetie’ he said as he chuckled, my head split into small pieces as my eyes spun and I clung unto my right knee for balance.

Oh no, not him, why is he calling, why now?

‘Hello D’ I managed to voice out.

He said a lot of things but 70 percent glided through one ear and ejected through the other one, he’s in town and we are having dinner tonight. I know with that comes nothing but trouble. Why did he come?

I couldn’t wait to see him, yet I knew I wasn’t meant to see him but with the outbreak of Corona virus and everything that keeps happening this year, life is too short to not live to the fullest.


The first day I set my eyes on her, she wore a white off shoulder bodycon dress, with a white court shoe, she wore her black curly hair down and I badly wanted to wrap my fingers around the curls, her eyes were bold and her plump lips was carefully painted with a red lipstick. It was one of those days when nothing significant was meant to happen, but we fit like 2 pieces of a locket.

We laughed, we played, we dinned, we danced and we lived, until the day I told her I was engaged to someone else. I knew it broke her heart but we saw a couple of times afterwards, we had fun but she was always quick to remind me that I had a fiancee and she didn’t want trouble. I love my fiancée, but who says I can’t have 2 fiancées.

I wanted to spend more time with Ronke, with her the world stopped running, everything slows down as we glide through an atmosphere of rainbows, do you call that lust?

The first time I placed my lips on hers, it was a hot afternoon, that smelled like lavender and a sprinkle of wood. We swayed in the middle of the road to Ed Sheeran’s – Perfect, she wore a Rose gold satin wrap dress, and you could tell she was wearing nothing underneath it, I wore my favorite white polo with navy blue pants. I kissed her, she kissed me back and then tried to fight it but I know she wanted it, she wanted me; all of me.

She refused to go with the flow as she severed our ‘friendship’, few days later she had to move to a different city and a couple of weeks later, here I am, in the same city with her. And this time, she will be mine forever.



David is a seducer, a great one. How do you know something is bad for you, yet you jump into it every time you get a chance? Do you call that a lack of restraint or what?

It’s Friday night, I was about 5 minutes late for dinner, David disliked me having to wait for him, hence the 5 minutes head start. My heart felt numb, I took one step after the other like I was counting. My gold high heeled sandal accentuated my beautiful legs, , my little black dress hugging my voluptuousness and my hair packed neatly in a shoulder length pony tail.

He was sitting right there waiting patiently, he wore a black suit with a white shirt with two buttons undone. His caramel skin glowed from across the room. For a second, the insane thought of popping button after button in privy crawled through my head with his hand in my hair and his lips on mine.

‘Get thee behind me Satan!’ I whispered under my breathe. All we are going to do is have dinner and nothing else, maybe a little partying, then I’m back home.

Once he saw me, he got up and walked me to my seat, after a hug and a peck on the lip. We spoke like old times, laughed as we shared our food. Time after time, he held my hand a little too tightly, as he caressed my fingers. He watched me like I was art, trying to map out every elevation and depression.

We decided to go dancing since it has always been on our bucket list, and this is a perfect time. He paid for dinner as I ordered a cab for us. He is one of the men that unconsciously doesn’t make me bother to offer to split the bills, yet the reason for that is still unknown. He pulled my chair as I got up and we headed out, he held my hand as we descended the staircase and opened door after door.



Ronke once told me about her desire to learn pole dancing but it never made sense until now. All my life I’ve never seen a seductively classy dancer, my heart raced as we pump our system with liquor. She kissed me like she loved me, but I knew she didn’t- not yet. With her in my arms, we could be here forever but I already know exactly how to achieve that.

‘I think I’m starting to feel sleepy.’ She whispered as we slow danced with her hands hanging over my shoulders.




The blue and red lights were starting to blur, and that’s when I told David that I was feeling dizzy. The moment was ecstatic, his hands clung to my waist and booty as we slow danced to ‘Last Night by Az Yet’.



In front of the mirror, I concluded I wasn’t in a fight. But I was in a strange place with no one in it. There was 36 hours unaccounted for and 300 missed calls with a sore back. I felt like I had been flogged. I found my found phone on the reading table in the bedroom, I went through my missed calls, mostly family but nothing from David except a text message saying:

‘Sweetheart, pain killers are in the kitchen, don’t worry the food in the house would last a while.

Don’t try to leave- you can’t.
Check your back in the mirror.
All this is because I Love you. See you soon.’

I didn’t know which to process first, I ran straight to the mirror and tore off my satin robe and on my back, the biggest abomination was there. My head rang like all the church bells in the world ringing at once, there it was- a tattoo!

“WTF! Is that a tattoo?” I asked myself, as I blinked multiple times hoping I would wake from this nightmare. I managed to read the words. ‘I BELONG TO DAVID.’

Even if I’m psychologically impaired, that’s not something I would have done. I picked up my phone and tried to call David but instead, the phone kept telling me I couldn’t make calls, neither could I assess the internet. I smashed the phone against the wall in anger. I tried to open the door, kicked and screamed, but it wouldn’t open and that’s when I decided to reach for the window but to my dismay, they weren’t real windows. I shivered in fear, as hot balls of tears rolled down my eyes.

I’m stuck, in an unknown place, with a tattoo that isn’t mine, a phone that wouldn’t work and a lunatic that promises to come back.



‘This is how people die, this is how foolish people die..’ Ronke chanted as she shivered and curled up in a fetal position on the wooden floor.




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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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  1. Faceoff March 15, 2020

    Lovely piece! Ronke was too busy fighting her emotions, which ended being more of a distraction to her desires, so she couldn’t create her moments with David, she was only in David’s moments.

    1. Mariam Alayande March 18, 2020

      Thank you. Well, that’s a unique perspective. She became a part of his story, but he wasn’t part of hers.

  2. Potoki Paul March 16, 2020

    Wow, this is so cool…
    I’ve been following your blog lately and must tell I enjoy every of your writings.

    Thanks so much, Mariam

    1. Mariam Alayande March 18, 2020

      Thank you Paul for your continuous support. You are highly appreciated!

  3. Temmy March 17, 2020

    I think that’s how Ronke’s life ended..lol
    David is devilish tho.
    I enjoyed reading this story, well done Mariam

    1. Mariam Alayande March 18, 2020

      Lol, omolomo…
      I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you Temmy!


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