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I risked my life again, dumped my little nodes of naiveness on the laps of a stranger, forgetting again the kind of world we live in- evil.

Omor and Faith met in BIO 311 class, the first thing that captured Faith’s attention was Omor’s teeth. His teeth shined like glass and was as white as powder, Faith was certain he had a monthly appointment with his Dentist because hardly could anyone keep such white teeth. Faith could tell that Omor’s heart might be as pure as his dentition.

The first time they went on a date, Faith found it a little strange that they talked about marriage, she knew that some people would think that was a sign of seriousness, but she thought it was too early for such conversations. It was quite unsettling, especially when they spoke about the next election. Omor believed that everything that has happened in 2020 might have had little or no impact on the youths of the country and he believed the youths turn out for the next election wouldn’t be different from the previous years, but Faith believed it made enough impact that the youth’s turn out in the next election would be more than previous years. Yet, only time would tell. After the second date, Omor volunteered to be Faith’s private tutor.

Faith was always skeptical about receiving male guests in her apartment, but for him, she made an exception. He arrived at 6:25pm that Friday evening, wearing a camouflage jogger and an army green sweatshirt; he said he had a right to do that since his father was an army officer, he saw himself too invincible and that made Faith a little uncomfortable. He smelled the same all the time, oud and jasmine being the easiest to detect.

The first thing that caught his attention was the velvet green show box beside the television.

‘Is this real? He asked as he meticulously observed the bones.

‘Yes, it is. It is of a 6 year old female.’ Faith said with a tiny hint of sarcasm. He smiled as he starred at her with his right eyebrow raised, she burst into laughter and he joined her. He thought it was a joke but was it?

They tried to keep things professional but there was the seldom hand on the lap, and topic deviation from time to time. She always wondered what he looked like beneath all the clothing, no no dear; not what you are thinking. Rather, beneath all that skin, what does his bones look like?

It was time for him to leave but rather he extended as he offered to stay over as if he would be doing her a favor; he joked, told stories that’d made the clock hands tick faster and faster.

Finally, he said ‘It’s too late to go home, just let me stay, I’ll sleep on the couch.’ Faith nodded and smiled in agreement.

They say the best time to die is at midnight, the dark arms of purgatory is cooler to receive earth-rejects. The wine made it fast, slow, sweet, painless, and peaceful as Faith slit Omor’s beautiful throat as she listened to Lana del Rey’s- Ride, the blood- just like a ram on Eid day; the bewilderment in his eyes as he exits this cruel world, Faith had never seen anything more outstanding. He wanted to stay, now he can never leave- how poetic!

Faith spent the whole night unveiling him, the next time you see her, don’t ask about the bag of bones underneath her bed, but she’ll be glad to show you once she finds a show box for Omor.




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Written by: Mariam Alayande

Art by: Chiharu Shiota

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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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