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  Each year usually begins with excitement, leaving us feeling like a 4 year old awaiting Santa on Christmas Eve. We carry the year before in a safe deposit box to lock away somewhere in our memories; as we press the imaginary reset button in hope to begin again.

Perhaps this year, we don’t only press the reset button but also choose to carefully examine the year before and choose what works and learn from the things that didn’t; so as we go about chanting our ’new year, new me’ mantra, it would not be void magic words but something we’ve actually worked towards.

  This year, a couple of strangers you might meet or might never meet, have come together to share lessons they’ve learnt this year and advices they’ve gotten. In hope that one or more resonates and helps you as you propel forward into the new year.

  1. Haniyah on growing up.

 ’From my experience, growing up comes with lots of uncertainties, you just have to find ways to lean into them and still be fine.’ Cheering you on, Haniyah.


2. Tobi on gratitude.

‘Gratitude (independent of the kind of situation) is very important’- Tobi.O


3. Tolani on consistency.

‘Consistency!!! I can go on & on… Just put in the work, people are watching. It will pay off.’- Tolani.B


4. Jane on taking breaks, plus an advice.

‘I have learnt to take a break and breathe at a point.’-Jane.F

‘Do your part and relax as everything will align at the right time. It’s been an amazing year.’-Jane.F


5. Opeyemi on the power of ‘no’.

‘Learn to say ‘no’, it will liberate and save your life’- Opeyemi.A


6. Folajimi on life and much more.

“Your thought is a hope for a possibility”

‘If you can think it then it can happen, you can have it and even much more if you have God.

And that brings me to lesson two: anything is possible if you put your heart to it.

Lesson 3: the earth has ears, if you speak to it, it would listen to you.

4: be the only judge of your matters. No one can judge what concerns you more than you. Your life answers to no one but you, don’t let anyone give opinions about it.

And that leads to my final lesson,

5: no one owes you anything in life as much as you owe no one anything in life but give always to the poor and needy.’     – Folajimi.D


7. ’Moët’ on how to stay happy.

  ‘When people are sad, they look inwards to find a solution and fix it but that’s not what God said. God said look unto me.’ – Moët

8. Akolade on taking charge.

‘Don’t allow anyone but you to write your own story.’- Akolade.A


As you charge into the year 2022, I hope the new year brings us all joy and success.

Happy New Year.



Thanks for reading. Do you have any key advice or lesson learnt in the past year? Kindly leave them in the comments section. 

Special thanks to: Haniyah.B, Tolani.B, Tobi.O, Jane.F, Opeyemi.A, Folajimi.D and Akolade.A.


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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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  1. Paul January 1, 2022

    Thanks for this piece, Happy New Year to you also ma


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