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The Coldest Hands Of Life!


The Coldest Hands Of Life!


Love is a beautiful thing, and I found a beautiful thing. I found love at the bank, I was working as an accountant when I met Dapo, who was the branch manager. It was love at first sight, it started with soft glances, quick smiles, shoulder brushing and it ended in dates, a relationship, then an engagement.

We were to be married in two weeks, and after our marriage counseling and sorting through responsibilities and finances, we decided that I would quit my job since the company’s policy wouldn’t let couples work together. I decided to wait till after the wedding before applying for a new job.

My wedding day came within the blink of an eye, I wasn’t one who always looked forward to getting married, but Dapo changed everything.

I looked in the mirror as my chief bridesmaid and my stylist laced up my corset. My face glowed like the goddess of the sun, with my dark skin shining through my white lace mermaid dress.

It was time for the wedding shoot which preceded the wedding, I couldn’t wait for Dapo to see me. I took one leg after the other as the bridesmaids screamed in excitement, I couldn’t spot the groom so I presumed he must be at the end of the stairs.

I was startled when I saw the chief bridesmaid running up the stairs, asides ruining the video I couldn’t help but wonder what could be wrong. She whispered in my ears , ‘I…We can’t find Dapo!’

‘What do you mean you can’t find Dapo?’ I questioned as all the alarms in my head began to ring.

Apparently, the groomsmen woke up to a missing groom. I rushed back to my room, dialled his number a million times but it wasn’t reachable. Fear caressed my heart, while hurt ate it bit by bit.  By 12pm, we had to announce to the guests that the wedding had been cancelled.

I tried to find out from his family about his whereabouts but to my ultimate surprise, they weren’t his family.  The police didn’t know what to make of it, it wasn’t 24 hours so they couldn’t declare him missing.  The police left me with more questions than answers, I still didn’t have the strength to take off my dress.

What if he got kidnapped? What if he was dead? But the fake family? Is this betrayal?

‘Ada you need to see this!’ My chief bridesmaid came in with two other ladies. She put her phone in my hands and that’s when it all blew up in my face. It was a video of Dapo calling off the wedding and saying he couldn’t see a future with us together…

My hands shook as the phone fell.  Now it made sense, the fake parents and why he wanted the court marriage to be after the white wedding. What could I have done to deserve this? He didn’t even have the decency to say it to my face?

Emotions rained in battalions, as some sprung through my eyes as tears, and others attacked my neurons. My hands lost control and my feet joined the contest, as my eyes went along with it.

1 month after

The shame didn’t drown me and it wasn’t as bad as I would have imagined, instead sympathy flooded me. I wish the sympathy would include a new job. My former bank won’t re-employ me, after over 30 interviews, nothing worked out. It was like I was blacklisted from life.

I took out large sums of my savings for the wedding because Dapo kept saying he would repay me but he never did. I spent hours trying to figure out what could have happened and why Dapo did what he did. I stopped hurting when Dapo’s wedding pictures trended on Instagram, the hurt didn’t pay my bills so wallowing was not an option.


3 months later

My savings is almost done and there is still no job, nothing to do. My rent is running out and in 2 months I will be homeless. Even my car went up for sale and nothing is getting better.

The few thousands left with me won’t last me through the week.

I managed to send a couple more applications, hoping that something will turn around.


4 months later

The freezing cold of spring slapped me back to life, with a backpack serving as a pillow, and my body curled in a corner of an abandoned building.My stomach cried and brought forth lightening and thunder.

They say bad things happen to good people.

I only want my life back, but if I have to die I won’t do that alone.




Thank you for reading.

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Written by: Mariam Alayande & Moet

Art: Pinterest





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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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