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It’s all a conspiracy!

Most of the things you see around you, the things you have allowed to be imprinted right in the dark canoes of your heart.

Now you think I am making all this up yeah? Just because you can’t handle the idea of the very things the society deems as normal, what you get to eat, what you watch, what you wear, what you see, even some things that you believe, everything is planned for you.

And to what end?

Only to control the very thing, no one has the access to- your mind!


I sat right across the room, not any room, the club. I sat at a corner observing, listening and drinking.

Alone at my table, I just got fired earlier that week, so yes I am here to blow off the steam.

If I keep feeling the same I do right now, I am just going to jump over the nearest bridge, and I mean it.

I don’t even know if there is anything left in this world for me but I was searching for something. I could not really tell the exact thing I was looking for.

There she was across the room, as she swung her head backwards and laughed as her 3c hair bounced right over her shoulders .

The blue and red lights couldn’t absorb but instead magnified the well applied highlight over her cheek.

She was sitting at the bar with a male and female friend, whom I assume are in a relationship.

I couldn’t tell what was different about her, but she was carefree, she didn’t try to catch anyone’s attention, on like the other girls in here.

I got up, as my feet propelled their way towards her like they had become messengers for cupid. I was one to have ladies come to me, what was wrong with me? Am I this desperate to go find a reason to live or die?

The scent of lavender hit me as I tapped her shoulders.

‘Hey, can I help you?’ she said as she swung her hair gently and turned in my direction. Omg, she was much more beautiful than I thought she was.

‘Hello Lady, I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room.’ I managed to say, but she interrupted saying ‘For real, is that the best you could say?’

I looked away, feeling quite embarrassed, I apologized and went ahead to introduce myself ‘ My names are Fredrick Fatunde, might I know your name?’

‘ I am Asake.’ she said as she extended her right arm and we exchanged a nice and firm handshake.

She introduced me to her friends , I wasn’t very correct about their relationship and apparently, they were even married. Luckily for me, they were already contemplating on leaving but Asake stayed behind to talk to me.

We watched them walk away, as I went on to converse with Asake, ‘Asake, may I know your full name please.’

She smiled and said ‘ If by the end of the night, you have earned the right to know, I will tell you.’

I had no idea what she meant, I can’t help but wonder if she did.

‘Let us go to a restaurant’ she suggested

We had to say every sentence slowly and raise our voices to be heard over the loud music.

I agreed and she picked the place.


We walked into the restaurant hand in hand like we had know each other for years, she talked so little of herself but instead kept asking questions about me.

We finally settled down and put in our orders, then she asked.

‘Do you believe in God?’ She asked as she starred at me like the stars in my eyes would reveal the answers before my mouth said anything.

‘Yes I do’ I said to her

‘So you belief all of this life is vanity?’ She starred again as she awaited an answer.

I got distracted with how her skin glowed like she had bathe in milk before stepping out.

‘Not exactly?’ I said and continued ‘ I belief life is a journey, but we need the essentials of life, for if you say all is vanity, what about money, houses, food, love and all?

‘No no dear, you have me all wrong, those things are important but it does not surpass our humanity, even God wants us to enjoy life but we need to be careful about what we are giving up in the process.’ She smiled as she thanked the waiter after serving our meal

‘That’s right’, I said as I managed to agree.

‘Do you know why we humans can never be satisfied?’ She asked as her eyes glowed up

‘I think it’s because we just keep wanting more.’ I replied

‘Yes that’s true and do you know the other thing, deep in our heart we crave so much more than the earthly things and we are right to because what God has in store for us in the afterlife is beyond words and imagination. So here on earth, we keep searching and hoping to fill the void, forgetting that nothing of this world can do that.’ She elaborated

‘Are you like a pastor or what.’ I asked as I set up my cutlery.

‘She laughed and said, ‘ No and I have no religion but I worship God’.

I was shocked, I had never met anyone who didn’t identify to a specific religion.

‘How? You are obviously not atheist, so why?’

She smiled, ‘That’s weird,I know and I get that reaction every time, you know when God created us, he didn’t divide us in anyway. The devil did that. Even the bible and the Quran have a connection and I think even the jewish scriptures have similarities, and these days all I see is people divided because of their religion, tribe or color. It’s so wrong but we are so blinded and corrupted by what the society has made us believe.’

I didn’t even know how to react because she was right, but I never thought about this in a particular way. Usually this is the time I start flirting, but that didn’t even appeal to me at this point, these are the kind of conversations people needed to indulge in.

‘What do you think happened? what happened to the world?’ I asked as I managed to finish my plate of fried rice.

‘You have to ask? The devil and his followers obviously, we are stuck in a war, but we can’t go home yet, so we need to live in the enemies territory which is earth, we can be protected and guided but we still have to make the choice. We can either work towards getting back home or we just get distracted by earthly ways and never get to go home.’ Asake said as she smiled again

I didn’t know how to feel, all this is coming in at once, I am trying to process but it’s too much.

‘ I thought about killing myself today, I lost my job and I don’t know what happened, all these bad thoughts started crossing my mind. Now I can’t even understand how that happened.’ I confessed

‘I’m glad you don’t feel that way anymore. I’m sorry about your job, you will find another. Sometimes, things like that can drive us off track especially when we do not know how to guide our heart away from evil.’ She said

‘You are so right, its just like everywhere you go, they want to teach you how to get your body right or surgeries to get the right body part you want, no one ever asks you if you want to learn how to control your thoughts or improve your personality.’ I said as I drank a glass of water

‘You are right,Some people might see me as overweight.I don’t care about that.This is my body and I love it. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about my health, but when someone looks at me, the first thing they might notice is my size and they might just focus on that, they just forget inner beauty is the most important thing.’ She said and looked at me like she was making sure I processed every single thing she said.

After a couple more conversations, we called a taxi and we were ready to call it a night. She picked up the bill while I was away in the restroom. The world needs more women like her.

We got into the taxi and two minutes on the road, she looked at me and said ‘I know the kind of person you used to be, but I need you to always see the positive in every situation, also look at the negative but don’t let that get to you.’

It takes a real man to appreciate a true and deep conversation.

‘You are right and thank you for an amazing night. Promise me, next time you are going to let me pay the bills okay.’ I said

‘Of course next time would be on you, and don’t let everything sieve out of your head. Do something with that, okay .’ She said again with her smile

‘Yes I promise, changing the world one at a time…

Before I could complete that sentence, everything went dark.


From the earth we were made and there we shall return to.

According to the doctors, I had been involved in a tragic car accident. An oncoming drunk truck driver ran into the taxi we were in. That accident claimed the life of Asake and the driver and the doctors could not exactly explain how I managed to survive.

I couldn’t wrap my head around everything, I blacked out for one whole week, and I remember nothing about those moments. Just when I thought I was uncovering the mysteries of the world or that I found the one.

With all the fire in Asake, she didn’t deserve to die. In one way I was able to find peace in the fact that she was done with the war and now she’s home. I have to pick up the fight where she left off. She saved my life and also gave me a new purpose.

The nurse handed me my clothes from the night of the accident and as I searched through the pockets, I saw a note that said

‘Keep up the good fight,

Call me 0009090

You earned it, Asake Adenuga”.



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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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