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This is the truth and you may choose to believe or not. I have never being a cheat neither have I ever aspired to look at another in ways I only looked at my lover. I do throw tantrums at any cheat that crosses my path. Little did I know my turn was just around the corner.

I had met him before, about two years ago to be precised. (You know all those kind of guys you run into when your African parent happens to be with you, all those paroles that end even before they started.)

Crossing his path again was quite surprising, he hardly even recognized me but what can I say? You can’t stand a lady like me approaching you without your head exploding in admire.

His smile was everything, his height could make you stumble and want to hug him forever, his complexion was moderate and his Lips made me wonder, for they were so beautifully graced and well coated in pink.

Time went by gracefully, and we kept talking. I always remembered that he struck me as a player but as you know, intuitions change over time but I didn’t trust him fully. I had no reason to. For I had a lover, one which I truly loved.

My lover on the other hand was always the one, I never doubted that. At least not until he pulled out the yellow card, stating he needed space and time to figure out a couple of stuffs.

Of course, why not? I could also use some space and explore my Mr. Butterfly, and why I call him that is because every single time I see him I get those in my stomach. It was sad for my Lover had never acted this way before, I grieved for days but I held on to my memories and hoped he did come back.

Well I did give space, and so did my Mr. Butterfly press all buttons he could until he found the green one. I did give in, a little fling never hurt anyone or so did I think.

One faithful rigorous evening, I went to visit Mr. Butterfly after thousands of invitation.

And in no time, those beautiful graced lips were on mine, I wouldn’t deny never wanting to taste them but it was never mine. He stopped and looked at me with those capturing eyes of his and whispered ‘has anyone ever kissed you better’. I smiled shyly for even my lover couldn’t dare and the thought of this filled my marrows with guilt for I knew I had betrayed my Lover and myself.

Almost immediately I heard a voice ‘ Honey, I’m home’ for a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me for it was a masculine’s voice and it sounded just like that of my lovers’ and I looked around as Mr. butterfly got up abruptly ‘ just wait here’ he said as he rushed out.
Of course, I sat my butt down as a loyal baby….NO!! I didn’t as a typical Yoruba Lady nothing gets passed me.

I tiptoed to the living room and to my surprise I saw two guys closely entangled with one another and as they both suckled each other’s lips as if their life’s depended on it. I’ve never had anything against gayness but please not if,,, and at that very second I realized, the other guy was my Lover.

The same Lover that needed space, the same one that I spent the last two years of my life with, I fell totally out of balance as I quickly went in to grab my bag.

I walked in on them, and at that moment they both were almost totally undressed. I looked at them in disgust as they stopped, as each tried to mutter one word or the other.

They both tried to stop me as I picked up the two ceramic vases that sat at a corner and flung it with all the rage I could find in me, as it hit My lover on his fore head and Mr. butterfly on his clavicle.

They both hit the ground in pain as I walked out and banged the door in anger.

This would take time to go away, but at least the truth from each side much earlier would have been a lot better.


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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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