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Some say in our lifetime we only love truly twice. Yet, the question is what would you do for love? 

Valentine is  about 4 days away, Itoha couldn’t hide her excitement. She and bae’s topmost love language is gifts; making gifts a major deal in their relationship. After Itoha’s husband left for work that morning, she began her mission to find her Valentine’s gift, it didn’t take time before she found the tiffany blue box in his wardrobe, She decided to not open it, leaving the surprise till Valentine’s day . 

‘Leave it to bae to never know how to hide things.’ Itoha thought to herself as she drove out of their compound. 

Itoha walked into Zaza men searching for the perfect Val’s gift.  The smell of lavender in the air engulfed her nostrils as the white and black aesthetic of the store accentuated her chocolate skin which dazzled in a red bodycon dress with a nude court shoes. Her phone rings, she flips her 30-inches straight hair as she picked up the call from her bestie- Funmi.

‘Gurlllll! Whatever you are doing, drop it and head over to your place now.’ Funmi said immediately Itoha picked the phone.

‘What’s wrong?’ Itoha asked as her heart sunk in, she caught her image in the mirror as she resembled a ghost that found out it was judgment day. 

‘I can’t tell you over the phone, it’s about your hubby, just get down here.’ Funmi said and hung up.

Itoha sped out of Zaza store; she got into her brown BMW gran coupe and drove like an ambulance back to her place. Different thoughts ran through her mind but she couldn’t settle on any. Was he cheating? Did he die? 

Funmi was waiting for Itoha as she drove into her compound. 

‘You can’t do this to me, I could have died!!??

 What’s wrong?’

 Funmi hugged Itoha and slowly said ‘Your hubby was arrested!’

Itoha’s head rang like it was break time in primary school, she pulled off her nude shoes and sat on the staircase in front of her house. 

‘Did you know he was a fraudster and he is married to someone else in Ghana? The evidence they have is damning..’  Funmi continued as she adjusted her orange bubu. She sat beside Itoha and embraced her, hoping it would ease the impact of such dire news. 

Itoha shook her head in denial as she clung to Funmi. 

Before Funmi could ask another question. There was a loud bang at the gate. It startled Funmi and Itoha as they raised there heads to see what was happening. 

The security personnel ran quickly to Funmi and Itoha . ‘Ma, it is EFCC police at the gate.’ 

Funmi jumped defensively, ‘ EFCC ke! You didn’t do anything, Ha, we cannot let them enter o! Who can I call.’

Funmi grabbed her bag and started searching for phone numbers. 

Itoha took a deep breath and got up. She held Funmi’s hand and smiled ‘ Funmi, don’t worry, I will be okay.’ 

Itoha knew exactly how this would go and no way under heaven would she die for love. He goes down for this, It’s how it was always going to be. EFCC at her gate is only a formality. 

She wore her shoes back and they escorted Itoha into their car as they took her in for questioning. 

Funmi wouldn’t stop screaming ‘I’ll call your bosses, this is rubbish. In this Lagos! You will see madness!’ 

‘However, EFCC can not hurt their whistle blower, and to make me seem innocent this has to happen. I was going to leave him when I found out he lied to me, but to find out he was involved in fraud only made it worse. Let’s say I killed two birds with one stone. ’ Itoha smiled as she stopped swimming in the ocean of her thoughts, and gazed upon the beautiful blue sky and white clouds.

One less fraudster off the street and her heart is safe again. Valentine in prison must be spectacular and he would definitely have the company of his Ghanian wife in no time. 

Although, they say we only love twice in our lifetime. The most important love of our life is ourself, and that now begs the question; what would you do for love?








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Mariam Alayande

Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

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